Welcome to BoxMix your online personal notebook

This site has been written to replace the google notebook service which google discontinued in November 2011

You do not have to have been a user of google notebook to use this service!

If you were a google notebooks user you can import your google notebooks if you saved them in XML atom format.

Using this site you can collect together facts, information, or clip parts of webpages for future reference.

You can orgaise this information into difference notbooks and search this information

Click on the register button above to get started.

Todo List

There are still a few features on this website not complete

  • - Comments are shown but cannot be currently edited
  • - Sections are imported and shown, but cannot be changed or added yet
  • - Notebook lables are imported but are not currently shown and cannot be changed
  • - Renaming notbooks
  • - Reordering notes inside a notebook
  • - Exporting notes

I have these features in mind and will get to them as soon as possible

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